Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

The sustainable hotel in the heart of Lisbon!

Travelling fit, running throughout Lisbon!

The seven hills of Lisbon have always held an aura of charm and mystery that continues to surprise each visitor. And what have they in common? The true desire of discovering every bit of this city and take some stories back home, write one more page of their memories and keep their experiences in their hearts forever. Continue reading “Travelling fit, running throughout Lisbon!”


The Most Inspiring of 2015!

The moment we all have been waiting for has finally arrived! We already know who is the most inspiring person of 2015 and we are eager to announce it! The person who has inspired us the most, motivating us through the entire year was Carlos Camargo!

Continue reading “The Most Inspiring of 2015!”

Valentine’s Day Menu

Menu dia dos namorados

Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Menu”

Our inspirations for the last quarter of 2015!

For the most inspiring employee of the fourth quarter of 2015, we didn’t manage to elect just one of our dear colleagues. Every quarter is getting more difficult to choose just one person to symbolize the one that inspired us the most throughout these months. Thereby, we had to choose two! Yes… we’re kind of getting around our own rules… but let’s face it… it’s all for a good reason! To solve a tie, we awarded the two winners and crowned their work at Inspira. Continue reading “Our inspirations for the last quarter of 2015!”

An award that will certainly inspire us throughout the new year!

The “Happy New Year” wishes have worked just fine for us!! 2016 has started in great pace and Inspira has already won the Green Project Award in the  “Tourism, Sea and Agriculture” category, rewarding our strong commitment to environmental conservation and our achievements in 2015. Continue reading “An award that will certainly inspire us throughout the new year!”

Petiscos: small plates, big experience

BytheWine - Steaksandwich photo credit VascoVilhena
Photo by Vasco Vilhena

Lisbon has so much to offer! Inspira Santa Marta Hotel won’t let you miss none of the secrets that this city has been keeping for so long! So, to get you to know all about our gastronomic traditions, this city center boutique hotel has put together a whole new “petiscos” experience. Read the story in the words of who has already experienced it. Continue reading “Petiscos: small plates, big experience”

Giro Project: Grow Awareness on Reduced Mobility

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel always stood out for its principles and values, and its role on social responsibility actions has always been a great part of its identity. Here, in the very heart of Lisbon, we have developed projects and strategies to support the local community, establishing protocols with several institutions and entities of social assistance. This is one of the three pillars of the sustainability policy that we have implemented on this boutique hotel. Continue reading “Giro Project: Grow Awareness on Reduced Mobility”

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel’s Shop Tour around Lisbon!

Inspira is all about sharing! Sharing experiences, sharing stories, sharing feelings! We’ve created a brand new experience for our guests to enjoy, shared here by a guest who has already tried it! Continue reading “Inspira Santa Marta Hotel’s Shop Tour around Lisbon!”

Who is inspiring us?

The third quarter of the year has now passed and now we can say that we are quickly heading to the end of one more year. This year has been full of success for Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, and it will mark permanently the lives of each of the persons that wrote the history of this hotel. But… before starting a new cycle, let’s take it easy, and announce the person we elected as the most inspiring employee of the third quarter of 2015. Continue reading “Who is inspiring us?”

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