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Sardine Bruschetta

-3 sardine fillets

– 100 gr homemade tomato sauce

– 20 gr canned sardine

– 25 gr organic cherry tomato

– a slice of portuguese corn bread

– organic olive oil

– organic basil sprouts

To get an extra flavored homemade tomato sauce, brown some onion, garlic and a laurel leaf in a frying pan. Then, add the tomato, previously diced, and let it cook until reduce.

Season the sardine fillets with salt and leave them to rest for 12 hours. Rinse them with water, and let them marinate on vinegar for another 24 hours. Blend the canned sardines with the cherry tomato and the tomato sauce you previously prepared. Place this mixture over a toasted slice of portuguese corn bread.

Remove the sardine fillets out of the marinade, make them into rolls and place them over the portuguese corn bread toast already covered with the tomato sauce, cherry tomato and canned sardine mixture. Finally, drizzle with olive oil and spread a few basil sprouts and cucumber cubes on the top.

Now you just have to enjoy all this freshness in the company of your beloved ones. It will taste like a piece of heaven!