One year after joining Evalue CarbonoZero program, Inspira offset the total amount of 160 t Co2 e (carbon dioxide equivalent tons), arising of its operations from May 2010 to April 2011.

Buying carbon offset from CarbonoZero project portfolio, allowed Inspira to co-finance the florestry project located in the Tapada Militar de Mafra, Portugal, and a technology project in Nobrecel, Brazil.
During 2010, in order to reduce the level of fuel charge in the soil, several cleaning actions took place in the Tapada Militar da Mafra in a total area of 26,2 ha. It includes the plantations of Poplar, Pine, Oak and Maritime Pine. It was also carried out the first pruning of Poplars and stone Pines.

Inspira not only contibuted to national biodiversity conservation but also reduce Co2 emissions by supporting the Nobrecel project in Brazil. By installing a cogeneration system that uses waste biomass as fuel, it was possible to replace the fuel boilers previously used and reduce grid elctricity consumption. This project, on average, avoids the emission into the atmosphere of 85000 tons of Co2 per year. The carbon credits allocated to Inspira were generated during the first five years of the project (2003-2008).
In addition, to continuing its CarbonoZero program participation, one of Inspira’s main goals for 2011/2012 will be to find solutions to reduce Co2 emissions of Inspira Santa Marta Hotel operations in partnership with Evalue.