Having joined the social networks just over 2 months ago, Inspira Santa Marta Hotel already has over 3 hundred fans on facebook. Here fans can accompany the progress of Inspira and its first hotel in Lisbon, becoming acquainted with the brands values and concepts as well as activities undertaken by the hotel.
Time has now come for Inspira to acknowledge the support of its fans so we have conceived some offers especially for them – these also contribute to our objective of developing programmes with the community. As from the second week in July the Urban Bar at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel will be the meeting place for fans who join hands with us through facebook. Every Thursday the hotel will host a cocktail party especially for its fans so that they may get to know and socialise with different members of the Inspira community, not on a virtual platform but rather in person on an inspiring occasion.
Apart from these events, Inspira Santa Marta Hotel also offers fans a special summer deal for those who opt for dinner at the Open – Mediterranean Brasserie.
The calendar and programme for these offers will be advertised through facebook. Keep an eye open and, if you have not yet signed up, join the Inspira fan club.