INSPIRA joins hands with PumpAid – Water for Life
As part of our effort to reduce our environmental footprint, INSPIRA has opted to offer filtered water served in recycled glass bottles to its guests. While this water is provided free in guest rooms, INSPIRA levies a symbolic price for water consumed in public areas such as the restaurant, bar and conference and seminar facilities. Proceeds will be channelled towards projects such as PumpAid- Water For Life.
Drinking INSPIRA water brings water to the world’s poorest people.
PumpAid- Water For Life
PumpAid’s philosophy, its sustainable approach to building Elephant Pumps and Elephant Toilets and empowering local communities, is clearly aligned with INSPIRA’s principles. We are very much looking forward to reporting on progress and the results of INSPIRA’s support. Once again, third party certification will ensure all funds are channelled correctly to the community projects selected and reporting procedures will ensure transparency. To find out what we have achieved so far and how you can support this project, please visit

We have joined hands with PumpAid – Water for Life.
In the words of William Shakespeare, we invite you to “…join your hands, and with your hands your hearts”.
We would like to take this opportunity to give you some information on PumpAid, our partners in this project. PumpAid was founded in 1998 by Ian Thorpe, Amos Chitungo and Tendai Mawunga. They were teaching at the same rural school in Zimbabwe, when several of their students died from drinking contaminated water. Ian, Amos and Tendai worked voluntarily, adapting an ancient Chinese design to produce the Elephant Pump, a simple technology that provides reliable access to clean water. Pump Aid now has operations in Zimbabwe and Malawi and has helped over 1.3 million people gain access to clean drinking and productive water. PumpAid’s objective is to alleviate poverty and improve health by working with poor rural communities in southern Africa to establish sustainable supplies of clean, productive water and adequate sanitation.
Similarly to Inspira, PumpAid believes that an integrated approach to the provision of water, sanitation and nutrition is vital to maximise health benefits. PumpAid has developed cost effective and sustainable technologies for providing clean water and sanitation solutions – the Elephant Pump and Elephant Toilet