The new Inspira web-site featuring Inspira Santa Marta Hotel has already gone live on the internet with new elements being added on regular basis.
For those whose curiosity cannot wait until the hotel opening, photos, information about the hotel, its moods and services are already available on the site. The online quick booking facility, which involves a simple 3 step procedure with the possibility personalization, is also operational and we are pleased to say being put to good use.
At Inspira we regard our web-site as a living organism under constant development. We will therefore keep on adding new elements to enhance its dynamism and expand its interactive features to allow visitors to get a real feel of the hotel and the spaces it has to offer.
Why not take a look?
In parallel we are working on the Inspira Gestão Hoteleira (Hotel Management) web-site. This is where you will be able to access information regarding our hotel management services, corporate philosophy and core values such as our approach to sustainability, feng-shui, corporate responsibility and more. Details regarding projects supported by Inspira and partners whose collaboration is key to making our vision come true will also be given here.