Their active participation in the acquisition of information and knowledge ensured that the Inspira core value “engaging your senses” was implemented. Apart from knowledge, this process also enabled some members to acquire new competencies such as efficient internet researching, communication and teamwork skills (we already have 10 different nationalities working for Inspira), amongst others. The final projects were then presented to the rest of the team ensuring constant learning by all beyond the subject researched as a pair.
We are proud to share a few of the participant’s comments on the training with you:
Pascaline: “ I learnt not to waste water”
Camila: “I discovered that I can do something and that my something can contribute to sustainable development”
Bruno: “Respect is necessary to ensure that there is a tomorrow”
And, of course, there was a prize for the winning pair:

Henriqueta Santos and Rodolfo Lemos (in the picture).
At Inspira we encourage our people to bring their whole selves to the experience of interaction. This requires commitment, understanding, endorsement and alert participation which translate into a sense of purpose, respect and satisfaction.
“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirror into windows”
Sydney J. Harris