Doing the right thing

As mentioned before, at Inspira we seek to invest all aspects of the business with the spirit of sustainability and as such we appeal to our guests and clients to engage with this philosophy as well.
Environmentally friendly strategies such as solar power and a centralized technical management system geared towards environmental economy (consumption control and reporting) have been implemented in the hotel buildings and their day-to-day operations and we seek to provide solutions to our clients’ needs that also respect this principle – reduction and minimization is a priority.
Therefore, all the logistics for Green Meetings at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel are governed by paperless procedures (recycled writing pads and pencils are available only request) in favor of digital and technology enabling solutions. Web-ex electronic distance video-conferencing facilities are available to ensure that meetings at the hotel can none the less work as a natural extension of your company’s decision-making centre and minimize the need for travel.
Reducing, re-using and recycling are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy but Inspira also adheres to and promotes carbon offsetting schemes. Direct emissions ( fossil fuel consumption, waste disposal and treatment, company’s vehicle fleet, business travel and hotel stays ) are measured and quantified and a price per ton of CO2 is calculated and donated to CarbonZero projects. Tariffs for GREEN MEETINGS also include an amount (based on emissions per hour) to offset emissions related to events. In addition to this, clients are able to access the CarbonZero calculator to further offset personal emissions related to their travels on a voluntary basis. These initiatives are all subject to reporting and third party certification to ensure transparency and effective implementation.
You may be concerned that this strategy will have a significant impact on the costs of your meeting.
But this is not so.
Inspira is the first company in Portugal to source all its energy from re-usable and renewable sources. We hope to inspire others to follow our example.
As in the rest of the hotel, the principles of Feng Shui are also applied to the layout and décor of the meeting rooms, contributing to a stimulating atmosphere, promoting creativity and productivity amongst participants.
We are also pleased to provide catering for conference participants. Whenever possible our food concepts are always based on fresh, organic and seasonal produce sourced locally or from fair-trade outlets.
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